IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY!-but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

by Robin Kushner

Being realistic about your strengths, your concerns, and your potential barriers to this life change is important. Everything is not always going to be easy.

What may already be working to support lifestyle change?

-Maybe you already exercise, or watch fat intake, or have good knowledge about calories, or you feel ready and inspired or, you care about your health.

What are some concerns?

-Maybe you are concerned that you failed in the past, or that there is not enough time to eat right, or that there are too many demands on you and now this is another, or that others don’t understand how difficult this is.

What are some downsides?

-Maybe you don’t have enough time to spend with family, or you are anxious that this will be another failure, or you love to eat and this is stealing your joy, or your family isn’t going to like this.

We want you to operate from your strengths, however, we don’t want you to underestimate how hard this is going to be.

Changing lifestyle is always difficult. Think about it…


That’s why you need to look at all levels of your life. It requires practice and effort at all levels.

Robin Kushner's mission is to help adults make lasting lifestyle changes to make themselves healthier and to become role models for their children on how to live a healthier life and make healthier choices.

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