Navigating Back To School Time- sticking to your plan

88f4daeb0458e556af9842e595a294b7Well, it’s that time of year again where you are begrudgingly beginning to switch from summer mode to fall mode and that means organizing, scheduling, planning, shopping, waiting on long lines at the office supply store (nightmare!!), etc…

Back to School time can be challenging because you have to change the routines built up over the summer. Any time you transition from one routine to another, the opportunity for stress presents itself. So let’s look at some steps you can take to prevent stress, carry out your goals, and stick to your intentions.

Food and fitness journals are great tools to keep you on track with your food intake and your energy output. They keep you organized and aware. Why not create a Back to School Journal.  Make a to do list in the front of the journal of everything you need to get done and the date you need it done by.  Having your goals written down will help you create an efficient action plan.

Now that you have your list, this next step is critical to your success. How many times have you written a ‘to-do’ list and then become completely over-whelmed just looking at the list?  The key to preventing a melt-down is to compartmentalize!  There is a reason that you wrote the due dates by each item and that reason is to show you, in black and white, that everything DOES NOT have to be completed right now.

The key to compartmentalizing is to take one step at a time…baby steps! Focus on one item at a time. There is no need to think about everything on the list. Trying to think about everything at once is not a process that leads to a productive outcome. Stay focused on one item at a time; be mindful of the task at hand. You will find yourself working through the list at a calm, thoughtful, and thorough pace.9b7cd8275d95f4e19efc94a6c83c01bf

If you do find yourself becoming stressed, take a breather. Do something for yourself. Go for a relaxing walk, take a hot bath, listen to some great music. Find something to relax you that is not focused on food. When you have calmed down, pick one thing on your list and begin again.

You may notice that much of these suggestions sound familiar. That’s because they are the same techniques Wise-About-Weight teaches to prevent over-eating.  These techniques are tools that you can grab and use during a variety of stressful times throughout your life. They can help you become more productive not only with your weight goals but your work, your home life, etc…  That’s the difference between diet plans and Wise-About-Weight. Our goal is to help you discover tools that enhance all aspects of your life and promote healthy lifestyle change.

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3 comments on “Navigating Back To School Time- sticking to your plan
  1. Lisa Engle says:

    Love the emphasis that everything doesn’t have to be done right now. Our relationship with time and trusting process is powerfully important to how we experience our seasons. Great article!

  2. robinkushner says:

    I think too that, especially moms, have a beautiful and awful ability to see such a broad spectrum of potential needs. This often makes keeping the perspectives and present moment next best choice, need, demand, and desire to be met harder to see ~ often so muddied by the “big picture” of it all. When the arching overall to-do list feels like it’s a now thing, it can be difficult not to have anxiety or depression as a companion. When the present moment task, person, need, desire, etc. is what we’re participating with, then remembering Peace and trusting process can trump that potential for a racing heart over things I can’t participate in “right now”. I for one and THRILLED about the coming school year…making the master lists, but focusing today on the tasks that are today’s. Thanks again.-Lisa

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